The Myth, The Lore & The Legend

 Culturally Relative

Accounts of hauntings, apparitions and ‘things that go bump in the night’ are sometimes rooted in the local culture and lore. They are perhaps, as likely to be true as untrue, and always make for good stories. While it may be possible to research such accounts, the details are often unclear and the answers are uncertain. The legends, however, remain intriguing enough to call out to investigators. Evidence occasionally points to stories that are rooted in myth, but not always. Realize that legends, which have persisted over time, have done so for a reason. Those reasons might very well be rooted in the truthful accounts of hauntings.

Inherently Haunted

Deontological Perspective

There are places that are inherently haunted. There is so much spirit activity, it just seems to be innately true. The reason could be simply by design or because of the actual location. Areas, for example, that are geologically located on or in close proximity to ley lines, have long been shrouded in mystery. Cemeteries and even hosptials are examples where you’ll typically encounter lots of spirit activity. Clearly, one could refute the idea, focusing on the history, events and people as the cause of the activity. Even so, it’s important to consider that in such arenas, the stage may have already been set for a haunting.

Haunted History

Teleological Perspective

When one thinks of haunted histories, it’s nearly impossible to do so without envisioning epic battles, fought on blood stained lands. In far more than a literal sense, wars, epidemics, disasters and grave injustices have left their marks in time. Such hauntings are directly related to the emotions, convictions, and suffering that occurred on a mass scale. The activity is far more rooted in the events that have occurred, rather than the location. Researching information, details and accounts is typically a straightforward process. The evidence gathered from such investigations, is often amazing.